Panoramas from my trip to Japan in 2016

Published on September 05, 2017 under Blog


As you might've found out from a previous post of mine, in Summer of 2016 I spent a couple of weeks travelling around Japan. The previous post focused on the pictures I've taken with my camera, while this one has a bunch of panoramas I've taken during the trip using my phone.


All of these were taken on iPhone, so apologies for the quality. I wanted to post them because I think they give quite a good idea of what the atmosphere there felt like.

View from the balcony of the apartment I stayed in, Osaka:

View from a ferry to Miyajima island, Hiroshima:

Miyajima island shore, Hiroshima:

A hidden room in an anime cafe, Hiroshima:

The famous rock garden in Ryoanji temple, Kyoto:

World's largest wooden building, Daibutsuden in Todaiji temple, Nara:

Iconic bridge from the Fate series, Kobe:

Room in a ryokan, Atami:

Bath on the roof of a ryokan, Atami:

A street in Akihabara, Tokyo:

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