Welcome to Foxy Panda!

First things first - if you're here to offer me a job, check out my CV. If you want to contact me, drop me an email at tim.kuzh (at) gmail.com.

Hello there, I see you found my blog. I mostly post short articles about tech problems I encounter. I sometimes post longer articles about my life experiences, but these take a long time to write so they are rare.

At the moment, I work as a computer vision engineer at Amazon. I'm a part of the Video Quality Analysis (VQA) team at Prime Video. I also spend some time on open source projects, most of which are focused around JavaScript and frontend development. You can see what I'm up to in my GitHub profile.

I love to chat about different projects and ideas, so if you have a question, drop me a message on LinkedIn or on Discord. If you have an open source project or a collaboration proposal, I'd love to hear your ideas, but it's unlikely I'll be able to join your efforts.

Some trivia about me:

Cool things I did

  • Got invited as a speaker to the 2018 SPIE Medical Imaging conference.
  • Got featured on the official Microsoft HoloLens homepage with PEACH Reality.
  • Became an Imagine Cup 2017 UK finalist.
  • Got Microsoft to shoot a video about my project.
  • Presented stuff to the corporate VP of Microsoft.

Things I know

As you already know, I study computer science. During my studies (both academic and personal) I've covered a bunch of topics - I'm by no means an expert in every single one of them, but you can expect me to have a solid grasp of important concepts behind each of them.

# Maths
- Numerical optimization
- Number & group theory
- Discrete mathematics
- Probability theory
- Information theory
- Graphical models
- Linear algebra
- Game theory
- Calculus

# CS
- Formal logic
- Communication complexity
- Distributed computing
- Compiler theory
- Database theory
- Concurrency abstraction
- Operating system design
- Networked systems
- Robotics & autonomy
- Numerical algorithms
- Supervised learning
- Reinforcement learning
- Supervised learning
- Machine vision

Now I'll talk a bit about the languages I know.

# Fluent
- JavaScript
- Russian
- English
- Python
- LaTeX

# Good
- Java
- C++
- C#
- C

# Intermediate
- Haskell
- Matlab

# Beginner
- Japanese
- Go