Welcome to Foxy Panda ^_~

To get the important stuff out of the way: Here's a copy of my CV if you'll need it for any reason.

Hello there, I'm Tim and this is my personal website. Here I post some of my projects and share my thoughts about various things, as well as write some guides and tutorials on topics I feel confident about. I try to stay away from fields where I only have limited knowledge so I would say most of the content on this website is scientifically accurate but you never know, so I kindly ask you to point out any mistakes I made in the comments.

In a desperate attempt to make this page a bit more informative I decided to include a couple of generic facts about me, which you can find below. Enjoy:

  • I originally come from Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • I study MEng Computer Science at UCL
  • Surprisingly enough I code quite a bit, and most of my projects can be found on my GitHub
  • I currently reside in London, United Kingdom
  • Last but not least, I love TypeScript and Node (among other things)

If you want to contact me, feel free to leave a comment on this page or, alternatively, drop me an email at tim.kuzh (at) gmail.com. Oh yes and I almost forgot, if you want to read more about the development of this blog check out ~this post here.