Welcome to Foxy Panda!

First things first - if you're here to offer me a job, check out my CV. If you want to contact me, drop me an email at tim.kuzh (at) gmail.com.

Hello there, dear Visitor. Glad to see you've found my blog. Here you'll find a bunch of short articles about my projects, which all happen to involve JavaScript in some shape or form (but I'm not biased or anything). I also post tutorials and reviews for different tools, and on super rare occasions I actually post about my life experiences, such as this amazing trip to Japan.

I really don't know what one would normally expect from an about page on a website such as this one, so I'm just going to dump a bunch of bullet points on you. I tried to be nice and separated the bullets points into categories. Enjoy!


  • My full name is Timur Kuzhagaliyev, in case you'd want to add me on Facebook or VK 👀.
  • I originally come from Almaty, Kazakhstan.
  • I spent the last 5 years living in London, UK. I also had a chance to spend a year in Pasadena, California, USA.
  • I study MEng Computer Science at UCL. I've joined an exchange program and spent a year in California Institute of Technology as a computer science major.
  • Surprisingly enough I code quite a bit, and most of my projects can be found on my GitHub.
  • I love Node.js and everything JavaScript.

Cool things I did

  • Got inivited to 2018 SPIE Medical Imaging conference.
  • Got featured on the official Microsoft HoloLens homepage with PEACH Reality.
  • Became an Imagine Cup 2017 UK finalist.
  • Got Microsoft to shoot a video about my project.
  • Pesented stuff to corporate VP of Microsoft.

Things I know

As you already know, I study computer science. During my studies (both academic and personal) I've covered a bunch of topics - I'm by no means an expert in every single one of them, but you can expect me to have a solid grasp of important concepts behind each of them.

# Maths
- (Applied) Linear Algebra
- Discrete mathematics
- Probability theory
- Graphical models
- Calculus

# CS
- Formal logic
- Information theory
- Communication complexity
- Distributed computing
- Compiler theory
- Database theory
- Concurrency abstraction
- Operating system design
- Networked systems
- Robotics & autonomy
- Numerical algorithms
- Supervised learning
- Reinforcement learning
- Supervised learning
- Machine vision

# Software engineering
- Continuous integration, deployment and testing
- Human-computer interaction design
- Version control systems
- Requirements gathering
- Prototyping

Now I'll talk a bit about the languages I know.

# Fluent
- JavaScript (TypeScript, ES6, Node, React)
- Russian
- English
- Python
- Bash
- C

# Good
- Java
- C++
- C#

# Intermediate
- Matlab

# Beginner
- Japanese
- Haskell
- Go