My trip to Japan in Summer 2016 (Pictures)

Published on May 06, 2017 under Blog

In June of 2016 I spent 2 weeks travelling around Japan with a bunch of friends. We've covered a fair bit of southern Japan, including Hiroshima, Osaka, Kobe, Nara, Kyoto, Atami and Tokyo. It was an amazing experience and since I'm no wordsmith but I still wanted to document my trip, I ended up taking around a thousand and a half pictures of various places and events in Japan. That said, sadly I'm no professional photographer either so the pictures you'll see below aren't exactly masterpieces, but they do bring up some good memories and I personally find them pretty.

Pictures from Japan

These are some of the pictures I took, in chronological order. You are free to use them as you see fit, but if you could also link this page it would be amazing. You can click on the image for a high quality version. (HQ links are not working atm, check back later) Enjoy!






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