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Published on July 24, 2015 under Projects


Some time around 2014 I was an avid reddit user (I mostly lurk nowadays) and I made quite a lot of themes for various subreddits. Below you can see some of the themes I have actually released. In reality, there were a bit more but I've never gotten a chance to complete them.

Public reddit themes:

Egoiste, /r/Egoiste

Egoiste Reddit theme

Zireael, /r/Zireael

Zireael Reddit theme

Aeolus, /r/Aeolus

Aeolus Reddit theme

Quantum CSS, /r/QuantumCSS

QuantumCSS Reddit theme

Theme for specific subreddits:

BravelyDefault, /r/BravelyDefaultCSS

Bravely Default Reddit theme

Queen Elsa, /r/QueenElsa

Queen Elsa Reddit theme

Get Fair Share, /r/GFSCSS

Get Fair Share Reddit theme

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