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Published on August 21, 2016 under Blog

Source code

First of all, you can find Foxy Panda source code on its GitHub page. If you're interested, there is also a repo of an older version of Foxy Panda written on Angular 2. Below you can find some more information about the history and the purpose of this website, as well as an overview of the tools used to build it.

Foxy Panda

After years of rewriting the source code of this blog from scratch, a handful of domain name changes (,, etc.) and numerous attempts of implementing something that would even remotely resemble a decent content management system I've finally overcome my NIH syndrome and decided to stick with Ghost as my CMS and hosted the whole thing on Heroku. I couldn't help but make some significant modifications to it (which might have or might have not harmed its performance) and I hope you'll find this website unique and not just yet another Ghost blog.

The main purpose of this blog is to serve as a storage for my projects, ideas and thoughts which tend to come up at a very random rate so I cannot guarantee I will be updating this blog often. That said, I am still going to try to note down everything noteworthy so you might wanna come back once in a while and see if anything new has been posted (given you are actually interested, of course).

As for the tools and technologies used: I said a couple of words about Ghost and Heroku above, so now I will mostly focus on libraries and tools I used to customise Ghost. First of all, I used Sass with Compass to style the pages. I came up with a simple colour palette with 5 colours and I must say it turned out quite nicely, and was a charm to use thanks to Sass variables. I found the headings and text fonts on Google Fonts, their names are Rajdhani and Assistant respectively. The fancy animation and grid on the index page were done using a tool called Isotope. For syntax highlighting, I use an amazing JS plugin called Prism. Last but not least, I used MathJax for some $\LaTeX$ goodness.

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