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I tend to go through quite a lot of various programming articles every day and once in a while I find something that I really want to share with the world, or at least save it for future reference. This page will serve said purpose by storing the links to materials I personally find useful.

Each link is accompanied by a brief summary of the contents and why you might be interested in checking it out. Additionally, I tried to group some links together to produce short "series" of related articles that might help you get started with some technology or just get a better understanding of a specific topic.


Here are a series of articles to help you Git right. They can cover pretty much anything related to Git and range from super basic to reasonably advanced.

  • git - the simple guide. Must read if you know nothing about Git or don't feel quite confident about its basic functionality. Very beginner-friendly.
  • How to Write a Git Commit Message. A lengthy article about how to write descriptive commit messages that will actually help other developers understand your intent. It could arguably be considered must read but the article is quite long, and for most people shorter things like this post might suffice.
  • A successful Git branching model. This posts talks about a Git branching strategy that seems to work quite well. Even if you're not going to use this particular model, it's a useful read that will show you some of the techniques that can be used.

Web development


  • denysdovhan/wtfjs. A GitHub repository with numerous examples of non-trivial (sometimes unexpected) JavaScript behaviour. Might be useful to know if JS is your primary development language.

Machine Learning and AI

Software Engineering



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